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Video Guestbook

Video Guestbook setup at the Malatesta-Silverman Wedding

In preparation for his own wedding in 2010, Josh developed a Video Guestbook system to record the messages of guests at his wedding. Having approached the guestbook, guests are asked to press a large red button once to begin recording, then again to finish. Because there was no camera operator present, some of the messages left by guests are a lot more personal than they might otherwise be. Also, free from the critical eye of a videographer, guests create some very silly drunken videos.

The system stores each video as an individual file, making it easy to edit the order or possibly remove certain clips before outputting a final consolidated guestbook video.

The Video Guestbook has been used at three weddings, and received high praise from hosts and guests alike.

Guests leave a message for the bride and groom

Thanks to Logan Grendel for the photos.