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Synplode: To experience the convergence of time and space, sometimes through sound and light.

Synplode. It’s something that happens to you at the convergence of time and space. You will hear it when it happens, literally in harmony with the universe. You will bathe in color and sound. The Synplode Project strives to bring people together to experience Synplosion in a tangible way. Step through the space to interact with the music and the colors. There are many right places and many right times. When you find a place and time that intersect, you will Synplode.

Synplode is more than just a generative art and audio application. It is also a vehicle for content delivery. The system synchronizes rhythmically, melodically and graphically with a soundtrack that is under constant development, and the design provides an opportunity for any musician to compose and integrate easily with the projection and interactive element.

Synplode gives multiple subjects an opportunity to interact meaningfully and simultaneously with the soundtrack in an immersive environment, exploring and playing the instrument together while always maintaining the integrity of the composer’s vision.

Synplode is available for installation at events, with the included soundtrack by Josh Silverman or with music by any musician familiar with Ableton Live. For more information, please contact Pretty Extreme.

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Synplode was produced using openFrameworks.