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Pretty Extreme founder Josh Silverman’s professional experience includes major projects in cities across the United States and two foreign countries.

CommuniType Visualization System (Ongoing)

  • Designs all graphical elements, animations, features and options.
  • Designs animated and intuitive GUIs for various control applications.
  • Interfaces with clients to manage design, system customization and operation for special events.
  • Manages ongoing development of suite of applications comprising the CommuniType system, including components in C++/OpenGL, C#/WPF, Silverlight, ASP.NET and MSSQL


Projects with Three Byte Intermedia:

Sprint Advertising Display System, AA Terminal, JFK Airport, NY

  • Designed custom frame sequence display engine capable of driving eight HD displays from a single workstation PC.
  • [Click “Sprint”]


HP Manifold, Palo Alto, CA

  • Designed custom timeline-based synchronous video playback engine capable of driving four 1080 HD displays from a single workstation PC using nVidia CUDA video decoding libraries and DirectX.
  • [Click “HP”]


Big Bambu, Beacon, NY

  • Designed and installed hardware and software system to collect simultaneous input from 119 webcams across 17 PCs.
  • [Click “Big Bambu”]


Sony Wonder Technology Lab, New York, NY

  • Designed and implemented Medialon Show Control system to manage daily operations of 150+ devices.
  • Designed software solution to handle live control of dozens of DMX lighting elements, including interfacing with third party developers.
  • [Click “Sony Wonder”]


Oracle OpenWorld 2008 Messaging System, Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA

  • Designed Graphical look of all text and animations.
  • Managed team of developers to build a suite of applications in C#, Flash, Processing, Medialon Manager and an Oracle DB.
  • [Click “Oracle”]


Projects with Show and Tell:

ABC Supersign, Times Square Studios, New York, NY

  • Designed custom video asset management, control system, and integrated custom text overlay and video playback systems for 24/7/365-uptime display system.
  • Managed team of five developers to build a suite of nearly a dozen integrated software applications covering everything from real time closed-caption text overlays to automated video ingestion and formatting to live control of asset and text playback and display.


Victory Media Network, Dallas, TX

  • Designed custom video asset management and playback system, including web-based scheduling and live control of integrated video, audio, lighting and screen motion systems.
  • Managed team of developers to build a suite of applications in C#, ASP.NET, Medialon Manager and SQL.


Projects with Electrosonic Systems Inc:

Visionarium, Singapore Discovery Center, Singapore

  • Designed and implemented C++ DirectX-based graphics library to enable combined HD timecode-synchronized video playback with synchronized 3D graphics rendering on a single machine.


SkyArc Advertising System, Technicolor, Burbank, CA

  • Implemented C# applications to facilitate ingestion of XML and text data into SQL database for nationwide distributed advertising system.
  • Designed and implemented ASP.NET interface for management of said data.


Projects with Scharff Weisberg Inc:

Lake of Dreams, Wynn Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV

Winner: 2006 ARCHI-TECH AV Award for Best Project Over $1 Million.

  • Designed and integrated 2K uncompressed synchronized video playback system using Max/MSP/Jitter and QuickTime.
  • Integrated video system extensively with larger Medialon Manager control system.


Demonstration Room, Unisys, Malvern PA

  • Programmed Medialon Manager system with Dataton Watchout.
  • Included 20 plasma displays, Christie projector, DMX house lighting, DMX ColorKinetics LED lighting, RFID security tag system, Opto22 relays, Crown Audio control, PowerPoint system, Folsom video switcher, and HTML remote control.
  • Provided ability for client to design own Watchout shows with cues that could trigger user-defined lighting presets and relays, and ability to smoothly transition between Watchout and PowerPoint shows via html remote.


Jazz Hall of Fame, Jazz At Lincoln Center, New York, NY

  • Programmed Medialon Manager system with Dataton Watchout.
  • Included 6 projectors, 2 custom IR sensor grids (serial interface), 3 Dataton Watchout systems, 14-cube video wall, ETC Unison lighting control and Crown Audio system.
  • Provided ability for IR Grid and Watchout systems to be easily expanded to accommodate new content, and for playlists to be easily managed by the user.
  • Provided ability for user to schedule special presentations in advance, gracefully overriding regularly scheduled video content.


Prada Epicenter Store, Beverly Hills, CA

  • Designed and implemented interactive 50-panel LCD glass system using Max/MSP/Jitter. Interactivity involved 13 cameras, audio analysis, and an interface for external algorithm processing.
  • Designed and implemented virtual wallpaper system in elevator shaft. Nineteen LCD displays act as virtual portholes for viewing digital wallpaper that scrolls as elevator moves.
  • Redesigned and implemented Magic Mirror system for dressing rooms. Users see themselves in plasma display with a variable delay dependant on amount of motion in the frame.
  • Developed real-time web-based GUI for Medialon Manager system, including faders and live system feedback with extensive JavaScript programming.


Prada Epicenter Store, Tokyo, Japan

  • Designed and implemented system control program for custom display/FPGA and CPU on a Cygnal 8051 microcontroller, including a graphic-intensive Web-Based GUI with real-time JavaScript control and feedback.


Experience Summary

Pretty Extreme, Inc, Principal

New York, NY     2007 – Current


Three Byte Intermedia, Inc, Principal

New York, NY     2007 – 2010


Show and Tell Productions, Sr. Software Engineer

New York, NY     2006 – 2007


Electrosonic Systems, Inc, Commissioning Engineer

New York, NY     2005 – 2007


ScharffWeisberg, Inc, Systems Programmer

New York, NY     2002– 2005