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A Game of Checkers as Drum Controller

This is a demo video to illustrate using a checker board as a step sequencer. It’s really a proof of concept, so pardon the audio capture off my computer speakers. Aside from the kick drum, which just keeps pace on every beat, all other drum samples are triggered off the checker board. The pattern for triggering the steps is not entirely regular. Since the game of checkers is not played with the beat in mind, the pattern for the triggering of steps changes at times to keep the beat interesting.

What excites me most about this system is that the steps need not be square – I have one function that draws the grid as-is, but could as easily draw any other sort of tessellation or pattern. The system includes a simple interface for assigning each trigger region/step (of arbitrary shape) to a drum sample and 16th note position within the drum pattern. Stay tuned for my Cairo Pentagonal sequencer demo…

Built with openFrameworks and Ableton Live.


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